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The way we create content for social media has changed.


Previously, the success of a good social media strategy was often measured by engagement. Thus, creating engaging content was advertisers top priority when it came to their social media strategy. Interactions such as likes, shares & comments used to be the most important metrics.


Now, social media content is created to support specific marketing goals and the amount of visible interactions it generates does not necessarily have an impact on the success of your strategy.
At Brand New Day, we create content that will best suit your business goals and optimize our advertising efforts.

« The way social media works has deeply changed. We cannot put all our efforts on creation without having defined a proper advertising strategy first. You can’t expect generating results with an organic approach anymore. No matter how great the content you create is, a content strategy without any advertising is a waste of money. »
Melanie Beninati-Key content account

Mobile Internet users as a percentage of total internet users in Belgium.


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Average daily time spent using the Internet on Mobile Devices.

Conversation management

Having a presence on social media also means your customers/prospects have a public communication channel at their fingertips and they expect to be able to contact your business any day, any time.

At Brand New Day, we pay equal attention to the moderation of the users’ activity. Whether they use your social media channel to ask a question, to complaint or to leave a positive review, we ensure a permanent monitoring to make sure we don’t miss a conversation.

We have conversational tools

We establish strong moderation process to handle complaints & sensitive questions

We ensure a high level of reactivity (even during evenings & week-ends)

We treat positive comments with as much seriousness as the negative ones to encourage positive word-of-mouth and to generate user generated content

Do you want us to take care of your social media presence or to learn how to do this internally?

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